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Home Studio Recording Equipment for UNDER $300

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When I got my recording equipment and started a small home studio back in 2014, I got a lot of questions on my Youtube Channel and Twitter on my recording setup and where I got my equipment. I did make a video back then, but it was never posted on my channel because it was never edited, hehe. Since my next video is taking a while to finish, I figured that now is a good time as ever to finally film, edit, and upload a little “tour” and explanation of my home studio!

Because I cannot possibly include everything in a ten minutes, I’ve written this blog post to supplement what I said and showed in my video.

DISCLAIMER: though I am not sponsored by Amazon or any of these audio companies, I do get a small commission if you choose to purchase a microphone or equipment through these links :)

As mentioned in my video, there are four parts to a very BASIC home studio. Yes, basic, because I’m a student, and I have a very tight budget.

At the very, VERY least, you need to have:

  • A microphone
  • Phantom Power/Audio Interface (If you have a condenser Microphone)
  • Mic equipment (Shock mount, cables, a pop filter (if you sing) and a mic stand, if that does not come with your mic!)
  • Audio editing software & laptop

The good thing is, it’s not as daunting as you might think! I got my entire set up for under $300 (prices breakdown below).