It is November, 1941. 

People are dying. Bodies lie along the streets. Air raid sirens ring at every moment of every day.

For Anna, life had always been about music. An aspiring pianist and composer, she studied at the renowned Leningrad Conservatoire under some of the greatest musicians to ever walk the face of the Earth… that is, until Nazi troops surrounded Leningrad in September, 1941, with the intention of shelling and starving the city into submission. She watched as her once-beautiful city transformed in front of her eyes: people became living skeletons, their only food a mere 125 grams of ration bread a day; buildings were reduced to rubble, pieces of bricks and broken glass strewn along the streets; cats, dogs, rats, and horses disappeared as people chose to eat them instead.

One by one, the citizens of Leningrad were losing hope, and Anna was desperately trying to find a reason to hold on and a way to continue…

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 A Message From the Author

Sounds of War is a book originally written for my high school senior project. At the age of seventeen, I wrote, edited, and published the entire book all in one summer. I also managed to promote it and sold enough copies to raise $600 for a charity called First Books (which I chose!).

Now that the project has ended, the profits from Sounds of War no longer go to support kids in need of books. However, due to that, I am able to lower the price for each copy of the book to just $5.99 for paperback and $2.99 for ebook (compared to $12.00 and $5.99 previously!). That allows you to read a tale for less, and allows a small contribution towards my college tuition and for me to continue writing.

Let me know what you think about the book. :) Always happy to get some thoughts from my readers!

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