The Girl Behind the Words

My name is Cindy, I’m 22, and I’m an aspiring doctor (not that far on the way yet, though). I love to write, read, and play music (piano & viola). I used to have a Youtube channel (you can still find my old stuff there… if you want), and there’s a (now old) book that I published when I was seventeen.

My passions include statistics (& teaching it!), pure math even though I’m not good at it, beautiful note taking, stationary, and coffee.

In my spare time, I volunteer with Crisis Text Line, watch videogame livestreams, and of course, jot down my thoughts here.

The Blog

Books and Tea started in 2015 as a “step up” from my former book review blog to a blog that encompasses more than just books. From there, it’s really taken quite a few different directions, but for now I will be blogging about my undergraduate experience and my experience as a premed/statistics major. I also post reviews of things that I love (and don’t love), and occasionally you will find a few deeper, emotional pieces here.

I have a few “on-going” series going on in my blog right now (and a few more coming your way):

  • Navigating Pre-Med at Cornell: Where I talk about my experiences as a pre-med student at Cornell, and offer insights. It’s not necessarily advice, but you could potentially learn from my mistakes
  • Food Diaries Friday: Where I review food that I’ve eaten in my last semester of Cornell
  • [Coming soon] Honest Course Reviews: Where I review all the courses I’ve taken at Cornell, the Good, Bad, and Ugly

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Working with me

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