The Blog

Books and Tea started in 2015 as a “step up” from my former book blog (all the old reviews have been moved here) to a blog that encompasses more than just books. It was born out of the fact that I had something to say. :) and from there, it evolved into something like a lifestyle blog–I like to post reviews of things I love, my experiences as an indie author, life as a student, and just about everything in between.


My name is Cindy, I’m 21, and an aspiring doctor. I’m currently a senior at Cornell University, but in my spare time, I’m a musician and author.

My interests vary a lot–from scrapbooking to journaling to writing and to music–and I think that’s reflected on the blog as well. I’m also in love with everything that has to do with organization, tidying up, and stationery.

Want to work with me? Shoot me an email at business.cindyc(at)