Hello and welcome! This is Part 0 of my “Navigating Pre-med” series that I will be publishing on my blog. It’s split up into several parts, which I will update and add here as I go!

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Purpose & A Caveat

I thought it would be cool to document my pre-med experience thus far (yah mom I’m still pre-med!) as well as maybe provide an avenue of information for those of you who are considering pursuing pre-med at Cornell.

Please note that this is MY personal experience, and I’m not attempting to tell you that there’s a single certain way to go about doing pre-med. Though I will offer some advice and mention things I’ve learned in this series, it’s important to take all of this with a grain of salt. There’s about a million ways people have gotten into med school, and I have not applied yet, nor gotten into a med school (so, technically even though I am at the end of my journey at Cornell, it’s still pretty early in the process for me).

Who this is for: Prospective Cornell students/High school Cornell admits interested on going to Cornell for pre-med, people currently at Cornell and considering pre-med, people who just want to see how someone else (me) did it.

So, without any further ado, here we go!

My Background

Some background information: I’m currently a second semester senior¬†majoring in Biometry and Statistics concentrating in General Statistics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) with a minor in music.

That basically just means my required coursework includes that of the statistics major and of pre-med, which isn’t any different from say, if I were to major in biology (my coursework would have to include that of the biology major and pre-med). The only difference is that there is less overlap between the statistics major and pre-med and I have to take a lot more math classes than what applying to medical school would require.

I will dive into the nitty-gritty of the specific courses I’ve taken at Cornell in the next part.

The Process So Far…

I spent a lot of my undergrad wondering and deciding whether the med school path was right for me–I would say I “committed” to this path rather late, so you will see plenty of my “exploring career options”, the most influential being consulting. Thus, as I’m describing my journey, it’ll seem like I started kinda late–even though I was taking the courses required from the very beginning, the rest of it was slow to catch up.

So, what else did you do?

Besides the coursework, here is also a brief overview of the things I have done in my time at Cornell related to pre-med, many of which I will of course, talk more about in the later sections of this series.

  • Research
  • Work as a teaching assistant
  • Orchestra
  • Volunteering (Hospice and Retirement Homes)
  • Summer work experiences such as consulting and doing research at the CDC

What’s next for you?

MCAT, more shadowing, gap years working, and then the application process!

Intrigued? Click here to go to the next part where I talk about my coursework: Next Part: Coursework