Happy New Year!

For the last two years now I’ve made bullet journaling posts/videos describing my process when it comes to creating my bullet journal spreads. It’s been cool looking back at my posts from 2017 and 2018.

But before we begin, I’ve also created a video showing my process of bullet journaling (if you’re not interested, just read on! It covers the same information):

I’m still using my 2018 bullet journal (the notebook itself–250 pages is pretty hard to finish for someone like me!), and since I plan by semester (and January is in between semesters), I have yet to make another future log/yearly spread set ups. I am close to finishing this bullet journal, so when I go back to school, I am planning on getting a new one and set up for the semester then (and that’d be a separate post!)

I can’t say that in the two years I’ve gotten into more elaborate bullet journal spreads, but I do have more things to keep track of nowadays. I have also gotten simpler as the time went on; I just can’t find myself committing to spending a lot of time on setting my spreads up (that is, unless I have time to spare). I LOVE the spreads I see on Youtube and Pinterest, but it’s just not possible for me as a busy student.

So here it is, the bullet journal pages I chose to do for January 2019:

Cover Page

I kept my cover page for January 2019 quite simple, just the date written out with my Tombow brush pen. I also lined the edge with some Muji washi-tape, as I usually do with my months.


I chose to go with a simple timeline layout (instead of grid/calendar layout) because of the basic fact that it’s just simpler to set up. During the school year, I also break it up into personal/school columns (with the dates in the middle of the page), and in the summer into personal/work columns. For January, since I’m on break for most of the month, I just kept it simple.

This page would include everything from events, deadlines, to things I want to remember:

The lefthand side of the page is of course, pretty self-explanatory: “Weekly Overview” breaks down events during the week further, “Focus” refers to my goals of the month, “Waiting On” allows me to write a list of things I’m waiting on… (this could be responses to emails, payments, etc.), and finally, because I have some time this month, I’ve also opted to devote a section to my reading goals.

The “Me” Specific Pages

One of the best things about the bullet journal system/bullet journaling is that you can pick a goal or focus you have in mind for the month and wrap your monthly set up pages around it. For me, I have a few specific goals and things I want to keep track of in January, and that includes:

  1. My post-graduation job/opportunity search
  2. Cleaning/Decluttering various parts of my room (both at home and my dorm room at school)
  3. Keeping up with this blog
  4. Packing for school and my trip to Asia

And these things are reflected in the subsequent pages of my bullet journal:

In the page directly following my overview page, I have a section dedicated to decluttering/cleaning, and another section dedicated to expenses track (pretty standard for bullet journals):

On the right hand side, I have devoted a page to my post-grad opportunity search, including a check-off for each part of the job application process (cover letter, resume, filling out the application, hitting submit!). I always just find that being able to “check things off” really motivate me to get more things done.

I’ve also devoted an entire page to my blog and a page to my packing list:

Here, again, I’ve used that simple check-list system for each part of the blogging process. And, because I don’t think I’ll be writing more than half a dozen posts in January, I left the rest of the page for brainstorming purposes.

The packing list is simply split up into school, trip, and to buy–it’s pretty self explanatory, and is just a way for me to keep track of things so I don’t forget it!

The next page is something new I’m going to try: A sleep tracker. This has never been relevant to me as I (usually) have pretty good discipline with going to sleep at (semi-)appropriate times when at school. Plus, I’m usually so exhausted by the end of the day that I do sleep at reasonable times after I finish studying. Since getting home for break, I found myself sleeping later and later (usually due to poor reasons such as video gaming). To try to remedy that, I’ve started a sleep tracker, with “goal times” (11pm, 7am) bracketed out. We’ll see how I do…

And finally, because it feels weird to be starting my weekly spreads on an even page, I left the last one blank and labeled it “brain dump”. So I can basically write anything here, and if I had forgotten anything in my monthly spreads, I think I can easily just add it here.

And that’s it! Hope this gives some of you an idea of what you could also include in your bullet journal, and how this system is inherently “goal oriented” and specific to what type of goals you have in mind. Hope everyone has a great 2019–here’s to a productive one!