Happy [almost] 2019!

I’m having a pretty chill night tonight (no parties to go to haha and I’m a happy introvert!), and figured it would be a great time to declutter my craft supplies. I used to be more into scrapbooking, but now I only really bullet journal, so a lot of the supplies I’ve “stocked up” (my boyfriend calls it hoarding) are no longer useful.

The Before

I keep my supplies in three main containers: two drawers, one short (one of the blue drawers) and one tall (the clear drawer), one giftbox/container (I got this from my grandma when I was probably 6 or 7; it used to contain snacks and goodies!), and one small crate (it was an old locker shelf from high school).

As you can see, it looks incredibly disorganized. Look what’s inside though…

The first thing I did was to organize my stickers. I organized them into piles of things that I would use again, and wouldn’t use. In addition, I took them out of their original wrappers. This took care of the small blue drawer, more or less.

Next, I started with the clear bin and started organizing them. Because of scrapbooking, I’ve kept pretty much everything I thought would be interesting for a spread. That resulted in a lot of items that I’ve kept that has some sentimental value but would probably never use in a non-scrapbooking scenerio. I saved some of these items (cards, pictures) and took pictures of some others so I could digitally keep it.

This process honestly resulted in such a large pile of things to throw out! But it also meant that I was almost done: the last part was honestly organizing everything in a way that is space efficient.

I found some old glass yogurt containers to hold beads, ribbons, and loose stickers. I put old scrapbooking materials that I bought in an envelope, and the sticker sheets I wanted to keep in a large plastic ziplock bag.

Then, I placed everything back into their original containers!

The After

Here is the small bin:

Instead of the disorganized sticker sheet from before, I placed my box(es) of washi tape, my stamps, and small sheets of craft paper.

Next, in the larger clear bin, I put the yogurt jars filled with ribbons, beads, and small, loose stickers in, along with the sticker sheets (on the side), old scrapbooking material I bought, and an old scrapbook (I used to be really into the K&Company Smashbooks!) I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually a LOT of extra space in this bin.

Finally, in the old snacks drawer, I neatly placed in the rest of my stamps, hole punches, old project life cards, and various stationery items:

And what about the small purple crate? Well there wasn’t a need for that so I kept the few of my keepsakes that I decided to keep in there! In the coming days they will probably migrate into some other containers that I’ve set specifically aside for photos and keepsakes, but for now they’re in the purple container.

And that’s pretty much it! It’s so nice to see all of my craft supplies finally organized in an intuitive way. (Even if it’s a pretty lame way to spend New Year’s Eve…)

Hope you guys all have a great New Year’s Eve! Have fun & stay safe! There will be plenty of posts to come soon.