Here at Books and Tea I enjoy featuring other authors and books. As part of her new release blog tour, I got the chance to ask L.E. Fitzpatrick, author of Border Lines and the Reacher series, some questions. Be sure to check out the original blog tour post with an excerpt, book blurb, and giveaway right here on my blog!

L.E. Fitzpatrick

What are 10 Words to describe Border Lines?

Fast paced, high stake crime novel with a paranormal twist.

What was the hardest part to get through/most challenging part about writing Border Lines?

One of the most challenging parts of the story was the whodunit. One of the plots of Border Lines follows a serial killer, but who the killer is isn’t revealed until the final moments. I was hyper conscious that there had to be enough misdirection to keep the reveal a surprise, but it needed to weave logically into the plot too. The events of Border Lines affect the next book so everything had to sync smoothly.

How about the least challenging/your favorite?

Writing about London was, strangely one of the most fluid experiences. This of course isn’t regular London as we know it, but a protected city filled with the rich and privileged. On the surface it’s a beautiful, vibrant city, but underneath it’s superficial, greedy and paranoid. I didn’t do a lot of planning when it came to the setting, everything just fell naturally in place.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Read more. I was a keen reader as a kid, but I feel like I never read enough – and still don’t. When I was younger I was snobby about what I would read and what I wouldn’t and now I want to read everything. The head start would have been an advantage.

What is your favorite under-appreciated novel?

Starting off in the indie community I met a whole host of amazing authors. I couldn’t list them all here, but we collectively worked together on four compilations titled “Awethologies.” My personal favourite is Awthology Dark.

Finally… what do you want to tell your readers before they pick up your book?

Come for the adventure. Stay for the characters.


There you have it folks. Thanks so much to L.E. Fitzpatrick for answering my questions, and be sure to check out her book on Amazon and her new release post here on my blog.

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