advice for freshmen year

this video was made in conjunction with the video on my youtube channel. c: It’s not exactly the same as this post has more information, but it has similar main ideas.

It is now almost the end of summer, which means back to school time for most of us who are still college-aged. I can now almost officially call myself a college sophomore, so I want to impart some of my newfound “wisdom” now that I’m no longer a wide-eyed, bushy tailed freshman.

1. Don’t overpack for college

I spent WAY too much on storage and shipping for over the summer! My parents actually drove me up to school so I was able to bring what I wanted with me. But I stored my things over the summer since we live quite far away. I ended up shipping some back home and storing the rest, but I’m definitely going to be spending the next year or so bringing stuff back on my flights home and decluttering so that I don’t have that much stuff! To be honest, I didn’t end up using a lot of the stuff either. PACK LIGHT for college guys.

2. Eventually, you will probably get homesick.

This isn’t true for everyone, but I definitely got really homesick the second semester. Remember it’s a feeling that will go away. For me it lingered for a few months, but keeping myself busy and surrounded with good friends really helped with the loneliness!

3. Heath comes first.

Make sure you eat and sleep and remember that it’s ok to take a break and relax. Can’t stress how important mental health is especially if you’re in a high stress time of the year (like exam times!). 

4. Sleep is important.

When I was in high school, I pulled all nighters more than a few times. And I thought I was pretty good at that, and I can do it for sure in college—but honestly, that is so bad for your health and I sort of feel like you’re better off getting a tad more sleep so you can think better on an exam. Which brings me up to the next point…

5. Figure out how you study, and figure out how to manage your time.

I ended up using google calendar a lot and to help me keep track of what I need to do! I also got into bullet journaling lately so that was awesome too. Stick with some sort of schedule and get things done!!

9. lol at 8AMs

You might think you can do it, but unless you’re a super morning person and have been a super morning person all your life, then you probably can’t do it.

.. I mean, of course you can, but speaking from experience, it will sort of suck a lot.

10. learn how to take care of yourself before you try to take care of other people

It’s definitely ok to say no to someone, and if you can’t add another commitment to your list of things to do, then definitely tell them no. Don’t overwork yourself trying to take care of other people or help other people. You are important too! Burnout is SUPER real and it CAN happen. I wouldn’t say I learned that the “hard way,” but there are times when I’m definitely doing way too much and I felt crazy on the inside.

& finally:

Don’t be scared to have fun every once in a while. you’re in college! — you’ll be going through this stage of life only once, so you should hold on to every opportunity.

Thanks guys for reading this short & sweet blog post. Hope it helped some of you soon-to-be college freshmen! Much love <3