‘Jean Gill has captured the innermost thoughts of this magnificent animal.’ Les Ingham, Pyr International

By IPPY and Global Ebook Award Winner Jean Gill A dog’s life in the south of France. From puppyhood, Sirius the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been trying to understand his humans and train them with kindness.

How this led to their divorce he has no idea. More misunderstandings take Sirius to Death Row in an animal shelter, as a so-called dangerous dog learning survival tricks from the other inmates. During the twilight barking, he is shocked to hear his brother’s voice but the bitter-sweet reunion is short-lived. Doggedly, Sirius keeps the faith.

One day, his human will come.


This book, wow. A lot of times I like to stay within my comfort zone of reading YA/Historical Fiction/Realistic Fiction/New Adult novels, because with the limited time I have to read, I want to always pick something that I enjoy, and those are the “tried and true,” genres for me. It’s just much easier to find something I like there. That said, Someone to Look Up To far exceeded my expectations.

I wasn’t quite sure on my feelings of a story being narrated by a dog (it’s certainly something that is seen a lot less) at first, but I ended up really enjoying it. If you’ve read Black Beauty, this book is similar–only that it’s in the point of view of a dog and not a horse. I enjoyed both books, but what I have to say is that the fact that Someone to Look Up To has a dog (instead of a horse) as a protagonist makes it more relatable for a lot of us–just think about how many people own (or have regular contact with) a dog! The story of Sirius hits closer to home, and throughout the book I was reminded of the heartless things humans are capable of doing. This story brings us a good message, too: dogs (and all animals alike) are sentient beings with their own wants and needs. If we choose to have an animal companion in our lives, we should all be responsible and give them the best possible life we can give them.

This is a book that is at times sad, but heartwarming and thought provoking. I really enjoyed this book because I do think there is so much that can be said about humanity in the way we treat animals, and this really brings that to light. It’s entertaining, too–I had a hard time putting down this book because I just wanted to know if Sirius gets a happy ending. I want to know what happens to him–and I definitely rooted for him the entire book, too.

I suppose the only little issue I have with this book is part of the ending. There was a lot of build up for me throughout the book, but the ending fell a little flat. I think I would’ve loved it even more if the book ended when Sirius left with Eloise, but the author decided to throw in one more little obstacle for the duo. I’m not sure if that added anything to the book, but that said, I still enjoyed the ending and the addition of the last bit didn’t subtract too much from it. I just think it would’ve had more of an impact had it ended a bit earlier.

Overall, a great book. This is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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