IMG_4049A little bit of a different post this week but in conjunction with my youtube video on my makeup essentials :)

I started wearing makeup at around the end of high school, and since my mom never wore any, I was completely perplexed on what to buy/get–is a finishing powder absolutely necessary for wearing makeup? What exactly does eyeliner do? If I just put on this peach colored blush, will I look weird? Can I substitute foundation with BB cream? Do I really need seven different types of brushes?

The answers to those for each person varies, but for me, it’s “it would be ideal,” “they make your eyes look bigger/pop,” “depends on the shade of peach, but probably yes,” “yes,” and “no.”

But because it took me a little while to truly figure out those answers for myself, I want to do a post on exactly what I use. I’m by no means a makeup expert, and for the most part I’m still very much a makeup n00bie, but hopefully this will be helpful to some of you out there who’s look for minimalistic, natural looking makeup and products to start off with (if you’re new to makeup).

* disclaimer: some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of these products through those links, a small percentage of the sale will go to me. However, all these opinions are my own and I just want to be 100% transparent to my readers!

The “Base”

What I consider “the base” would be foundation and concealer. Instead of foundation, I actually use BB Cream. I find that BB Cream is lighter, most of the time cheaper than foundation, and (most likely) easier to match to your skin tone in case you don’t know your exact foundation shade.

When I started wearing makeup, I bought everything off the internet–so, instead of fretting about the exact shade of foundation, I got BB Cream. BB Cream only offers a few shades, but after you put it on and let it oxidize, it actually matches your skin tone.

I use the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23. The best part? It has SPF 42, smells pretty good, and is only $15! A tube of that will last you quite a while if you only wear makeup occasionally. I will say that BB cream probably only has low to medium coverage, so if you want truly “flawless” coverage, you should probably go straight for foundation. However, if you have minimal breakouts, want to have a lighter coverage, or just want a very light, natural finish, I definitely suggest BB Cream.

Another product I use for my base is the Purlisse BB Tinted Moist Cream in Medium. I mix a little bit of that with the Missha BB Cream because I find that some Korean BB creams actually give the slightest grey tint. This one is a bit more pricy at $32 a tube, but it still gives 30 SPF and a light, natural finish.

Onwards to concealer. I use the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser in the shade light, though honestly I should probably move one shade darker. Contrary to popular belief, your concealer is actually supposed to match the shade of your skin instead of be a shade lighter than your skin. I don’t love this product and I’m on the hunt for a “favorite concealer” still, but this gets the job done. It’s easy to blend and conceals spots and dark circles well.


For eyeliner, I use the Doucce Ultra Precison Eye Liner 500 in black. I’ll admit, I got this item in an Ipsy bag so I didn’t pay the whole $20 for it (honestly a bit pricey for me…), but if you do want to spend the money, it’s worth it. It’s very black, long lasting, and the entire pencil will last you ages. It glides on very smoothly and is perfect for tightlining. I actually was able to do winged liner on my eyes too with this pencil–yes, that’s how smoothly it will glide on. :)

And for the eyebrows, I use the Ofra Eyebrow pencil in brown. Even though my hair and eyebrows are black, I find that the brown pencil (rather than black or charcoal) gives the most natural finish. Nope, you can’t see that I used a brown pencil *at all*–all you see is that my eyebrows are filled in and full.

As for eyeshadow… well I just skip this if I’m doing a day-to-day look. Occasionally I put some on during special events, but I don’t find it 100% necessary for day to day wear, and it usually takes me far too long.

Mascara–I’m still looking for a favorite in this department too, but currently I’m using the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in jet black. I have found that it smudges a little throughout wear, but with one coat it will gives you both volume and length. I’ve found that the brush is great and doesn’t make your eyelashes clump together either.


Besides my EOS lip balm that I use to prime my lips before applying any other lip product, I currently have two favorites in terms of lipstick. The first is Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick in the shade Tender Heart. This product is super hydrating, vegan, AND cruelty-free! (win, win, and win!) It is a nude shade, very natural but gives your lips an extra pinky tint. The second product is the Hikari lip gloss in the shade Merlot. Originally I was a bit scared to try it because the shade looks pretty intense, almost purple, but it’s actually just a deep mauve. Great for formal events, especially if you’re not going to go full-out red!

The Rest of My Face

For bronzer, I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer. It feels good on your skin, can do a very natural/subtle contour, and has just the tiniest of sparkles.

As for highlight/blush, I use the Pixi by petra highlighter/blush duo in the shade Rose Gold. The color is absolutely gorgeous and since it comes in a duo, I don’t have to worry about buying to separate products.

Finally, for a finishing powder, I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay finishing powder. It leaves your skin SO smooth, matte, and your makeup will feel SO light. I used to use an Elf finishing spray but this one beats that by SO much. A little bit goes a long way on your face, so despite the price point (I got this product via Ipsy as well, so I did not pay the full price), one of these will last you quite a while.

All of these powdered products are applied with a loose powder brush from Mememe Cosmetics. I like this brush a LOT because the bristles are extremely soft (unlike cheap alternatives from Elf/other drugstore brands). It’s actually the only brush I own other than 2 eyeshadow brushes, and it’s very versatile too!

That’s it! That’s how I “put on my face”. :) The full makeup tutorial/video is below.